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The One About The Snuggit


And it’s out! “The One about The Snuggit Sac” is here! What are you waiting for? Grab your best fur friend, a pile of blankets and a cup of hot apple cider (because that tastes like fall) and listen in to this amazing new episode of @justadddogspodcast!

This week, host, Lindsay Eland is talking with Bronwen Bell, the dog-obsessed, foster-dog-mom, dog rescuer, business owner, creator, and just an all around amazing soul.

In this episode they talk about her little muse Clarence whose own health issues inspired her business, her little foster-fail lady, Daisy who continues to inspire her, her creation The Snuggit Sac (Lindsay owns one and let me tell you it is AMAZING), and how she and her business are changing the world for rescue dogs.

Here’s more about The Snuggit!

Carry your furry friends in style and spoil them in luxury with a SNUGGIT Sac! These luxurious dog carriers are made

exclusively for those who love to pamper their pets. Our SNUGGIT'S are being used all over the world as the best mode of transportation, whether you're on the go in the city or out on an adventure in the back country, the SNUGGIT is an excellent way to travel for any small sized dog.

From your brand new puppy, to your precious senior, no matter the age or need, our SNUGGITS will bring you the comfort, safety and durability you are looking for when purchasing a carrier for your best friend. Each SNUGGIT Sac is individually created by hand so each one will be unique to you!

We are a proud Canadian company, local to Vancouver BC. All our fabric is locally sourced and cruelty free. Each SNUGGIT is made with love, care and close attention to detail.

As Bronwen says, “Kindness matters” so make sure to show her kindness by following her on instagram at @thesnuggitsac, on Facebook at The Snuggit and go to her website to learn more and to buy your very own at .

Forgotten to Spoiled Rotten is the rescue/sanctuary highlighted this week! Find them on Instagram at @travelinggirlrescuesdogs and visit their website to donate or volunteer or share some love at

And if you'd like to read the transcription of this podcast, click the link below!

Download PDF • 101KB

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