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The One About Stevie Nicks and Friends


Just Add Dogs is out with another amazing episode with a dog lover and rescuer! “The One About Stevie Nicks and Friends” is ready for you to tune in to.

Grab your furry best friend and some hot cocoa and listen to the story of how this amazing woman and her furry family found each other.

The rescue highlighted this week is @freedomgsrescue, a rescue that tries to find forever homes for German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes. Make sure to follow them at @freedomgsrescue and on Facebook at freedom German Shepherd Rescue. Share their posts–it takes nothing at all–just a click of a button and you could change a dog's life and in turn change a person's life that gets to have that dog. And visit them at to see the other ways you can donate, adopt and volunteer.

And make sure to follow Stevie Nicks and her family on Instagram @stevienicksandfriends!

Remember, kindness always matters!

To read the full transcription of this podcast, click the link below!

Just Add Dogs - 051 - Stevie Nicks and Friends 2
Download PDF • 127KB

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