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The One About Kate Perrault And Sophia


Happy Howl-idays Everyone!

The holiday season is all about hope, kindness, generosity, and family. But it’s holiday season every week with Just Add Dogs! And this week is no different! “The One About Kate Perrault and Sophia” is here to show you all that hope, kindness, generosity and family.

So nestle down with your furry friend on the couch to listen, or grab your earbuds and leash and tune in to hear all about Kate finding her soul dog–Sophia!

And show some love to Kate by following her on both her instagram handles at @whatagoodgirlsophia and @kateprofesses. It’s just a simple click!

The rescue highlighted this week is @the_oahu_spca, a rescue on the beautiful island of Oahu that was founded in April 2009, based on a no-kill philosophy, with the mission that “Every healthy treatable animal will find a forever home.” In our first three

months we were thrown into a large-scale sheltering operation completing the largest rescue in Hawaii's history. Make sure to follow them and share their posts–it takes nothing at all–just a click of a button and you could change a dog's life and in turn change a person's life that gets to have that dog.

And visit them at to meet Scrappy the adoptable dog of the week, to meet their other adoptable dogs and cats and to see the ways you can donate, adopt and volunteer for this wonderful rescue.

Remember, kindness always matters and it always makes a difference!

To read the full transcription of this podcast, click the link below:

Just Add Dogs - 051 - Kate Perrault and Sophia
Download PDF • 100KB

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