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The One About We Three Pitties


Don’t miss this last episode of 2021 as Just Add Dogs ends the year like we started–showing the beauty and hope, inspiration and love that comes from rescuing your next best friend.

“The One About We Three Pitties” is out and is here to help you remember the this old year and welcome in a new one.

So once more, grab your furry bestie and tune in to hear all about how one little pittie named Riot changed his mothers life forever!

The rescue highlighted this week is @hopeanimalrescue, a rescue in North Carolina who gives HOPE to those that need it most and they have a heart for those that are elderly, sick and discriminated against. Make sure to follow them and share their posts–it takes nothing at all–just a click of a button and you could change a dog's life and in turn change a person's life that gets to have that dog.

And visit them at to meet all of their available dogs and to see the

different ways that you can help them continue to help rescue dogs!

As always, show Roni, my guest, some love by following her and Riot on their adventures together and with their fosters on her instagram account @wethreepitties It’s just a simple click!

Remember, kindness always matters and it always makes a difference!

And to read the full transcription of this podcast click the link below!

Just Add Dogs - 053 - We Three Pitties... 2
Download PDF • 99KB

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