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The One About the Senior Dog Doc


Host Lindsay Eland, and veterinarian, Monica Tarantino, talk all about her reasons for becoming a veterinarian, her love and passion for senior dogs specifically and the collaborations she’s done with other vets to help pet parents and their dogs as their furry friends enter their golden years. It’s a really special episode for Lindsay as she is passionate about seniors as well! It’s filled with great info, things to look for and pay attention to, and just great resources for all of dog moms and dads who want to do the best for their furry family members.

Make sure to listen in and then follow Monica on all her accounts and visit her website! Follow her on Instagram and Facebook at @seniordogdoc and visit her website online to see more resources and to learn more about the Senior Dog Thrive course at Also make sure to follow @vetsontherise @petlosspsychologist @drlisalippman to learn more about the pet loss community. And if you’re a new or new-ish vet, check out @vetsontherise !

I am currently going through the Senior Dog Thrive course and absolutely love it! There is so much great, practical and helpful information and I know that my dogs appreciate me taking the course as well :)

The rescue featured this week is Forever Dream Senior Dog Sanctuary! Visit their website to

learn more about them, to volunteer, donate and to see all of their adoptable dogs at and visit follow them on Instagram at @foreverdreamsds and on Facebook at Forever Dream Senior Dog Sanctuary.

Remember, kindness always matters!

To read the complete transcription of this podcast, click the link below:

Just Add Dogs - 043 - Senior Dog Doc
Download PDF • 128KB

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