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The one about the saving huey foundation


In this episode, you'll get to listen in as Just Add Dogs Podcast host, Lindsay Eland, talks with the founder of The Saving Huey Foundation--a woman whose heart is so big and full of gentle compassion, and who believes that we all--animals and humans alike--deserve second chances. Don’t miss out on this episode that is sure to remind you that despite the heartache and pain in the world, there is so much love and hope and inspiration happening all around us. One such place is at The Saving Huey Foundation.

Hear founder, Tracy Lystra tell the story of the special dog that was the inspiration behind the


The Saving Huey Foundation is a small 501c3 non-profit organization located in Southern California helping animals defy the odds since 2014 by providing medical care, rehabilitation, homes, and educational programs for the community.

To learn more about The Saving Huey Foundation and to donate to this amazing organization visit them at And follow them on Instagram at @savinghuey.

This week, the adoptables are actually two...kittens!! Yes, you read that right...kittens! Because even though it’s Just Add Dogs, we believe that all creatures deserve a second chance at love and family and forever. Go to to learn more about them!

To find the full transcription of this podcast, click the link below! It was done by the amazing Duran Williams.

Just Add Dogs Podcast--Saving Huey Found
Download • 150KB

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