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The one about the hows project


In this episode of Just Add Dogs, Lindsay sits down and chats with the HOWS Project founder, Stacey Norris. They talk about the ins and outs of her mission to help improve the lives and well-being of the over-looked population of outside dogs while also helping the families of these dogs and educating the community in a nonjudgemental way.

Why the HOWS Project does what it does: “Not all dogs get the opportunity to regularly share the indoors with their people. In fact, some dogs live their entire lives outside alone, at the end of a chain or in a tiny pen, with legal yet inappropriate shelter and surroundings. Most of our local animal laws allows for this, but the HOWS Project does not condone it.

We believe that all dogs should be – and need to be – allowed inside. Dogs are social creatures that long to be near their person, with their “pack”, seeking only the basics – love, attention, and protection.

HOWS Project strives to educate people about the needs of their dogs, to be a resource for

them to help them better help their animals. And, for those dogs who must spend much or all of their time outside, we provide more comfortable shelter and other amenities. All of our products and services are free to our clients.”

Learn more about the HOWS Project and find out how to donate on their website at: and follow them on Instagram at @thehowsproject and on Facebook at The HOWS Project.

For the adoptable dog of the week, Stacey chose a dog from Make sure to click on the link above to see all of their adoptable creatures and follow them on Instagram at @caringforcreaturessanctuary

The transcription of this podcast can be found by clicking the link below!

The One About The HOWS Project
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