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The One About the Be Like Josh Foundation


In this episode, Just Add Dogs host, Lindsay, chats with Kimberly about her differently-abled dog, Josh, and about their mission to share the message that all animals and all people, wherever they are on the spectrum of abilities are worthy of being seen, loved, and appreciated. This episode is jam-packed with insight and thoughtful conversation and, as always--hope, inspiration and kindness.

Go visit the Be Like Josh Foundation at to learn more about them, their rescue, and to support this amazing foundation! Also, following them on social media is a MUST! Their Instagram handle is @joshthedoodle and their Facebook is Be Like Josh.

Find the complete transcription of this podcast below (trigger warning in this episode: some swear and the use of the "r" word in telling a story).

Fiverr-Lindsay Eland-Just Add Dogs --010
Download • 132KB

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