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The One About Summit Lost Pet Rescue


My guests this week are a dynamic duo that are both passionate about not only rescue dogs, but they are passionate about rescuing lost dogs and cats and reuniting them with their families.

Make sure to listen to this life-saving episode with two certified Pet Detectives who use a team of volunteers, calming stations, cameras and videos, food and traps, and all-important calming techniques to help reunite lost dogs and cats with their families! No one wants to think of their dog or cat going missing and being scared and confused and alone. But the reality is, it could. But to know what to do and what not to do as well as the state of mind of a lost dog can change everything.

This important episode gives such amazing and important information, shares inspiring

stories of not giving up, and will ultimately bring hope that your lost dog will be coming home!

Make sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @summitlostpetrescue and visit their website for more information on what to do if your pet is missing or if you find a lost pet!

The featured dog this week is Chipper from the Summit County Animal Shelter up here in beautiful Breckenridge, CO. Chipper is a 1 year old, 45lb handsome

boy. He is affectionate with people and playful with some dogs. He’s high energy but also loves to cuddle. Chip needs an active home or to live with another dog that likes to play. Visit @summitcountyanimalshelter to find out more about this boy!

To read the full transcription of this episode please click the link below!

Just Add Dogs - 023 - Summit Lost Pet Rescue...
Download PDF • 170KB

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