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The One About Senior Paws Grooming


This week, Lindsay Eland, the host of Just Add Dogs Podcast chats with professional senior dog groomer, Meghan Sogge, about her own rescue seniors, how she got started in grooming, and the ins and outs of grooming all those beloved senior dogs! She’s a kindred spirit for sure and such a bright light to talk to.

Don't miss this inspiring and informative episode!

Senior Paws Grooming is grooming just for your frosted faced friends! Meghan offers a quiet, one-on-one grooming environment with her mobile grooming van, gentle handling techniques, proper safety protocols and of course lots and lots of love!

Comfort is so important for a senior when they are getting groomed. Each step of grooming at Senior Paws Grooming is taken with care. Baths consist of gentle shampoos and conditioners that are not harmful to the skin, along with a little body massage to help with anxiety, aches and pains. We also offer a salt soak bath to help out with arthritis.


When it comes to the haircut, Meghan does what is best for your senior. As your friend gets older they might not be able to tolerate grooming as well as they use to. It is her priority to keep your senior friend happy, healthy and comfortable!

Be sure to follow Meghan on Instagram and Facebook at @seniorpawsgrooming and visit her website for more information about her and her business at

Everyone knows that vintage is best! So the rescue dog highlighted this week is from @vintage_pet_rescue ! Make sure to follow them, support them, share them and donate to them! And visit their website to meet their adoptable dogs and to see other ways you can help them continue to help save lives!

To read the complete transcription of this podcast, please click the link below!

Just Add Dogs - 031 - Senior Paws Grooming-Meghan Sogge_2...
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