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The one about Rescue_club!


This is an amazing episode with a Chihuahua whisper (Love!), a rescuer (ALWAYS!), a passionate dog foster mom (Umm, yes please!), an Art Director (It gets better?), a Photographer (I guess so!), and someone who has pretty much served in every single aspect of a rescue that you can think of from an event volunteer to a board member. You guessed it, she absolutely rocks! My guest is Alyssa Stepien who is the name behind @rescue_club and is also a Heart Speak Artist member and a Petco Love Adoption Ambassador.

In this episode, we talk about adoption application rejection, the importance of

conversations and communication, fostering (of course), photography and art, and the importance of compassion and understanding.

Make sure to follow her on Instagram at @rescue_club and @anchor-rose Also, visit her website at and And follow and visit @heartsspeak at as well to find other artists making a difference in the lives of animals.

We have two--yes TWO--rescues highlighted this week! Follow, donate, volunteer, show some love, and meet all the adoptable dogs at @doxiebyproxy and at @hopeanimalrescue . Visit their websites as well at: and

Remember, you can make a difference just by following and sharing--there is no small act of kindness!

Download PDF • 113KB

And to read the transcription of this podcast click the link above!!

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