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The One About Pudeenz


This is another short and sweet episode about one of Lindsay Eland's own sweet rescues. Pudeenz was only with her a few months, but she wouldn’t trade one moment of those months that she cared for her for anything in the world.

This is a continuation of a series I’m doing on my own adopted dogs--those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and those who are still with me. Check those out at the beginning of 2021!

Pudeenz is dog number 6 featured out of 14 adopted.

I adopted Pudeenz from @truefaithfulpetrescuemission so that’s the rescue I’m highlighting this week so make sure to follow them and support them and show them all kinds of love! They are an amazing organization that has a special place in my heart! Also visit them at for all the things!

Remember, kindness always matters!

To read the complete transcript of this podcast, click the link below!

Just Add Dogs- 047- Pudeenz. Transcript (1)
Download PDF • 69KB

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