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The One About pet loss and grief


My guest this week is Monica Weiss-Sharpe, a veterinary social worker who is talking about the very hard, but oh-so-important topic of losing and grieving over the loss of a pet.

Please make sure to listen to this important episode that will not only offer support and comfort for those who have lost a beloved pet, but those who want to support friends or family with their grief. In this episode, host, Lindsay Eland, talks with Veterinary Social Worker, Monica Weiss-Sharp, about her love of animals and people, her thoughts on grief, and comforting words of hope that, in the end, loving is always worth it.

Losing a furry friend can be more painful than anyone can imagine. And like all grief, there is no right, or wrong, and no straight, linear

path in and through it. Every journey in grief is different and really it never ends, it just changes. If you have lost a dog or any kind of pet, whether it was today, ten months, or ten years ago, there are so many resources out there to support and help.

Some amazing Dr.'s have started a whole support and community around pet loss. Follow each of them on Instagram at @petlosspsychologist, @drlisalippman, and @seniordogdoc. Visit:

Also, I encourage you to follow artist @leighcypres who is on a mission to help honor the lives of unforgettable pets--yours. Visit her website to learn more at

The rescue featured this week is Snooty Giggles, an amazing foster-based rescue in

Tennessee that helps any and all dogs find their perfect match. Follow them on Instagram at @snooty_giggles and visit their website at to learn more about them, donate, volunteer, and meet all their adoptable dogs!

To read the complete transcription of this podcast click the link below!

Just Add Dogs - 027 - Monica Weiss-Sharp
Download • 931KB

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