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The One about my big sister--alisa stoner


In this episode, Just Add Dogs Host, Lindsay Eland talks with her older sister, Alisa Stoner about all the things! It's a more intimate and up-close interview, as well as a peek into some good old-fashioned family fun and stories!

Lindsay and Alisa talk about growing up in a house that had all kinds of animals, the reasons behind why they didn't rescue growing up, Alisa's doggos right now and some of the wild world of Texas.

Alisa chose the adoptable dog this week. Her name is Jinn, and she's been at Nicholas Pet Haven since she was six weeks old. She was born in May of 2018 and she and her siblings were dumped at a high kill shelter. Nicholas Pet Haven rescued her along with her brothers and sisters and brought them to their adoption house. All of her siblings found homes, but no one ever gave little Jinn a second chance. She is a Brindle Lab Pit-mix and she really wants a home. Two years of shelter life is a little much and so hard on a dog--it really is. So, if you're interested in giving little Jinn a home or even fostering her so she can feel what it's like to belong, please fill out an application on their Facebook page, she deserves a loving home.

So, let's find Jinn that loving home, where she can be loved and cherished. Again, Jinn is at the rescue where Alisa adopted her dogs from both Jax and Asher--Nicholas Pet Haven. Nicholas Pet Haven is in Tyler, Texas, and find more information on both Jinn and there are other adoptable dogs and cats on their Facebook page, which is Nicholas Pet Haven and follow them on Instagram at @Nicholas Pet Haven.

The full transcription of this podcast can be found by clicking the link below and was done by Duran Williams.

Just Add Dogs--Alisa Stoner
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