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The One About I Pitty the bull


“The One About I Pitty The Bull” is out RIGHT NOW!

This amazing, inspirational and informative episode with John Flores @humblek9 blew my mind and is sure to blow yours as well.

Hear all about how one dog saved and transformed his life and how he now uses his passion to help people help dogs and how saving a dog can mean keeping yours.

Here is their mission:

"I Pitty They Bull is an organization that is dedicated to providing education about responsible pet ownership, the benefits of spay and

neuter and improving communication between dog and human. Founded in 2014, the inspiration behind “IPittytheBull” was inspired by a “pit bull” as an effort to reverse negative stereotypes on this “breed” of dog. Just as we believe that a human is a human first before their race; we also believe that a dog is a dog first before their breed.

Our mission to “educate, advocate and never discriminate” goes beyond dogs which is why you will not only find us working with rescues and animal shelters but in schools, helping the homeless and other people in need. We believe that helping people is helping dogs."

Be sure to follow John on Instagram and Facebook at @ipittythebull and @humblek9 and visit his website at to learn more, to donate, volunteer and support this amazing organization.

@istandwithmypack is the rescue featured this week and a rescue that John often works with! They provide global assistance to save the lives of animals and prevent animal suffering and cruelty! Make sure to follow and support them and visit their website at

To read the complete transcription of this podcast, click the link below:

Just Add Dogs - 032 - I Pitty The Bull Transcript Official
Download PDF • 167KB

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