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The One About Harley's House of Hope


Well, Just Add Dogs Podcast is back with another episode! Listen in as the founder of Harley's House of Hope and Harley's Dream talks about her passion for rescue dogs--specifically senior dogs--and how it all started with a little one-eyed chihuahua named Harley.

Harley's House of Hope began when Harley passed away in March of 2016. It was Rudi and her husbands dream to not only work to end puppy mills, but to also continue helping senior dogs. Senior dogs in need have always tugged at their hearts and the “Harley’s House of Hope” program enables Harley’s Dream to rescue, provide the necessary medical care for, and rehome senior dogs, most of which were scheduled to be euthanized.

To find more information on Harley’s House of Hope and all of the programs that Rudi and her husband have started to help dogs in need go to: . You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @harleypuppymilldog and


And when you visit please think about donating to this amazing organization so that they can continue to rescue senior dogs.

Read the complete transcription of this podcast by clicking on the link below:

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