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The One About Gurdy


This story is special to my heart because it’s the story of one of my daughter’s, Ella, and her sweet little dog, Gurdy and how they found each other. Adopting Gurdy was right after she had lost her other beloved dog, Duchess, so it was full of soul-soothing as well as confusion and guilt. Don’t miss this special mother-daughter episode!

And Ella is a VERY, and I mean VERY amazing young artist whose work has won multiple awards and is sold at a local gallery. She also does commissions if you’re looking for something special for the holidays. Make sure to show her some love by following her at @artofellaeland.

This is a continuation of a series I’m doing on my own adopted dogs--those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and those who are still with me. Check those out at the beginning of 2021!

Gurdy is still with us and is dog number 7 featured out of 14 adopted.

We adopted Gurdy from @nationalmilldogrescue so that’s the rescue I’m highlighting this week so make sure to follow them and support them and show them all kinds of love! They are an amazing organization that has a special place in my heart! Also visit them at for all the things!

Remember, kindness always matters!

To read the complete transcript of this podcast, click on the link below!

Just Add Dogs - 048 - Gurdys Story...
Download PDF • 77KB

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