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The One About Going With Grace


“I wish I’d known about this last week. Because today is too late.”

“The One About Going With Grace” is here and host @lindsayjeland is chatting with professional photographer, Jennifer Starr. What started out as a few requests from clients to take pictures of them and their beloved furry friend before they crossed the rainbow bridge turned into a passion project that she knows she was always meant to do. This isn’t an episode about sadness, though there is always sadness in saying goodbye, this is an episode of creating cherished memories that will live forever. Don’t miss out on tuning in and learning more.

When Jennifer Starr and her husband noticed their sweet old lady, Abby, aging and knew

that her time to cross the Rainbow Bridge was near, they created a Doggie Bucket List for her-- special food and treats they could give her, experiences for her to have, and really just setting aside that intentional time where she loved, cherished and was the center of attention--and she knew it!

Here’s the link you have to check out and be inspired by for your own beloved pet!

And be sure to give Jennifer a follow on Instagram at @fixyourimages and visit her website to learn more about her and the beautiful work that she does at And remember, she can always take those photos of your beloved pet even if they have already passed and edit those as well.

The Rescue featured this week is KC P.A.W.S.! Visit their website to learn more about them, to volunteer or donate or to see all of their adoptable dogs at and visit their Facebook page at Protective Animal Welfare Society (P.A.W.S.)

Remember, kindness always matters!

And to read the complete transcription of this podcast, click the link!!

Just Add Dogs - 042 - Going With Grace (1)
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