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The One about frankies furry friends


“The One About Frankies Furry Friends!” is here, it’s released, and it’s ready for you to listen in! In this inspiring Just Add Dogs Podcast episode host, Lindsay Eland, chats with Kathy Thacker, one of the “Kathy’s” that founded their rescue, Frankies Furry Friends, 11 years ago! She and her small community are making a BIG difference in the lives of small dogs, puppy mill dogs and hospice dogs in need of love, hope and a second chance.

Frankie's Furry Friends is a small group of volunteers and that foster the adoptable dogs in their homes until they find their forever home. Their main concern is giving a small breed dog, either from a puppy mill or a local shelter, a second chance at life. They offer them a safe place until their forever homes are found. The dogs receive proper food and they learn to trust people. The foster gives them lots of love and attention until their forever homes are

found. Frankie's Furry Friends also educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering their animals and emphasize the importance of adopting a dog and knowing it is a lifetime commitment. They are run entirely by a group of volunteers and support and operate from the funds from their adoption fees, fundraising and generous donations from animal lovers. So go visit their website and help them continue to rehome these precious souls. Their website again is

Here is a bit about the additional programs that Frankies Furry Friends has:

Hospice Program

We take in older dogs that have severe medical issues that are not adoptable and provide them with everything they need until they cross over. We are in need of foster homes for these dogs. If you are interested in providing a caring home please contact Frankies Furry Friends by calling our hotline at 859-392-0015 or emailing us at

Community Outreach Program

Our Community Outreach program is for those people who have a pet with vetting expenses that they are unable to cover. We have them go to our vet and we pay what the owner cannot cover. We then ask the person to volunteer hours helping our foster dogs.

To learn more about Frankies Furry Friends and to donate and meet their adoptable dogs, visit them at and follow them on Facebook at Frankies Furry Friends and on Instagram at @frankiesfurryfriends

To see the complete transcription of this podcast, click the link below!

Frankies Furry Friends
Download PDF • 121KB

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