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The One About Five Freedoms Photography


Just Add Dogs is back this week with another interview with an amazing dog lover and advocate for dog rescue! Yes, I’m taking a quick break from featuring my own dogs.

Listen in to this week’s episode as Joanne and host, @lindsayjeland, talk about how she went from a young animal lover, to a model and actress to a dog photographer and passionate advocate. It’s filled with inspiring stories, great information, and of course it’s all about dogs!

Make sure to give Joanne a follow at @fivefreedomsphotography and visit her website at to learn more about her and her mission as well as to download her free resource guide to dog photography so that you can take better photos of your dogs and maybe help out a rescue or shelter near you!

Here is the mission of Five Freedoms Photography!

Five Freedoms Photography began out of a love for shelter dogs, but also out of a joy and passion in capturing the

true personalities’ of those animals.

Joanne’s aim is to photograph shelter and rescue animals, especially the more difficult cases, such as Heartworm positive dogs, dogs that need to be the only pet in the home, medical cases, and the like, to help give them a special pedestal as to truly be seen and valued among the millions of animals available for adoption.

It is her mission and goal through photography to advocate for and get as many animals adopted as possible.

She hopes that through this work we can truly save lives, change the perspective surrounding shelter animals, and reduce the animal overpopulation crisis in the United States.

It’s a tall order, but when you are constantly thanked with endless snuggles, sloppy kisses, snoot boops, and booty wiggles—it’s worth every moment.

Joanne chose the shelter that she works with to highlight this week, so @wakegovpets is the shelter featured! Make sure to follow them, support them, and show them some love for all they do for animals! And let’s find Jess, our featured adoptable dog of the week, a forever family for the holidays.

Remember, kindness always matters!

To read the full transcript of this podcast, click the link below!

Just Add Dogs-049-Joanne Wetzel-- Five Freedoms Photography
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