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The One About Elizabeth and Goldie


One thing starting this podcast has done for me is connect me with so many amazing people in the rescue world--whether that means people who have adopted, started a rescue, foster, or they do other things in the rescue community.

My cousin, Kristan, got in touch with me a few months ago about a friend of hers who I just had to interview. She's never steered me wrong and actually helped me astronomically when I wrote one of my middle grade novels, Five Times Revenge, giving me vital information and insight into her experience as a biracial woman. So I, of course, said, “absolutely!” and got in touch with Elizabeth to hear and share her story with all of you.

It’s her story of how she rescued her beloved little Goldie and how 5 minutes of courage can lead you to make “the best

mistake” of your life.

It’s a story of how one little shelter dog can change the course of your life for the better.

Make sure to follow Elizabeth and her sweet little Goldie on all their adventures together on Instagram at @ilovemygoldie

Elizabeth chose a special little dog from Evergreen Animal Protection League! Please go take a look at their website at to see all their adorable animals in need of their forever homes and show them some love by following

them on Instagram at @eapl_animalrescue

And you can read the full transcript of this podcast by clicking the link below!

Just Add Dogs
Download PDF • 146KB

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