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The One About Eddie's Wheels


Make sure to listen in and hear all about Eddie’s Wheels, a family-owned and family-run business that creates customized wheelchairs for dogs who have mobility issues and different abilities! My guest, Leslie, talks all about the how and the why behind starting Eddie’s Wheels with her husband, how wheelchairs give new hope and how they provide rescue dogs with second chances.

Eddie’s Wheels truly lives their life’s work and mission. Their motto which is "We test our

products on Animals" – speaks to over 20 years of sharing their lives with disabled pets. They continue to take each order individually, with careful attention to detail, making sure the cart will serve each pet’s level of disability. Their well-trained and experienced staff still design and build each cart by hand with the dog’s name on it. They continue to be moved by the stories their customers tell them about their soul companions and feel privileged to be part of their lives.

Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @eddieswheels and visit their website for more information at

Daphne is our adoptable dog of the week from @loveyloaves, a special needs dog rescue, sanctuary and pet wellness organization. Daphne is a 6 year old Beagle/Chi mix with IVDD (disc disease) who is paralyzed in her hind end. She uses a cart for extra mobility and requires regular bladder expression (quick, easy, and clean to do). Are you Daphne's forever home? Follow them and go to their website at to meet their other adoptable dogs and to donate!

To read the full transcript of this podcast click the link below

Just Add Dogs - 028 - Leslie Grinnell
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