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The One About Eddie and Speedy


In Part 2 of her conversation with Dream Fetchers founder, Debbie Pearl, host Lindsay Eland talks with her all about two of her sweet doggos that went from trash to treasure, from alone and left-behind to being a part of a loving forever family.

Here’s more about Eddie!

Dumped, he was left to fend for himself, dragging his little body down the street. Rescued, he has gone from homeless to hero! Fast Eddie is full of love, he is smart, he is courageous. He was rescued from the streets matted and sore, dragging his back feet behind him. He is an inspiration of hope and an example of courage. He never gives up.He has been reaching out to children to inspire them, to show them to always believe in their dreams. He loves loving each of them along the way. Eddie is fast, Eddie is awesome, Eddie is a hero! Eddie can do anything he wants to do, he is determined, he is a star and he will shine bright!

Here’s the scoop on Speedy!

A hit and run accident made him paralyzed but he was rescued in time by @balam_says.

Speedy shows everyone what’s possible when we don’t give up hope! Make sure to check out his feature on the @thedodo as well!

Make sure to follow them at @eddie_is_fast and @go_speedy_boy_go, and also follow @dream_fetchers. Visit their website at to read all about their numerous programs and to support this amazing organization.

Here’s more about the book: The Adventures of Firebolt

When you least expect it, at any moment, your life could change in amazing ways. Well, that’s what happened to Shelby! Her family thought she was the greatest dog ever, and she was, but then one day Shelby got her superpowers. . .

Join Shelby, and her friend Chester the cat, as they discover the hero life. What adventures will they go on and who will they save? What superhero friends will they team up with along the way?

As Shelby, she lit up the lives of her family.

As Firebolt, she will light up the world!

Olivia, the sweet minpin featured in the podcast is still available for adoption! How can that be? Here is a little more about her:

Miss Olivia… we just adore you! Olivia is a great girl who loves her belly rubs, booty

scratches, and most importantly… car rides! Lots and lots of car rides! There’s just nothing like sticking your head out the window and enjoying all the smells this world has to offer! With all that said, Miss Olivia does need some time to warm up and get to know new people, so no kids please! If you move too fast, she will let you know to stick to your boundaries! Please don’t let that scare you away though, with a little patience and a big heart, Olivia will be your one and only in no time! Will you please consider opening your home (and car) to Miss Olivia?

Please follow @sbaac and check out their website at: to adopt sweet little Olivia!

To read the transcription of this podcast, click on the link below!

Just Add Dogs - 022 - Debbie Pearl PART
Download • 108KB

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