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The One About Dream Fetchers


“The One About Dream Fetchers” is here! In this episode, Just Add Dogs host, Lindsay and Dream Fetchers founder, Debbie Pearl, chat about Debbie's work training rescue and shelter dogs for hospitals, schools, nursing homes, working with veterans and even for the big screen--yes, Hollywood! Listen in as Debbie talks about what she's passionate about: giving and sharing second chances at love, life, and connection for both humans and canines alike.

“Dream Fetchers, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to the idea that through the unconditional love of animals any individual can, in spite of their disabilities, be touched and delighted by a friendly pup through a program of learning and love. Our programs will bring people and animals together to interact and bond, a wonderful distraction from pain, depression, or frustration.

Our dogs, all rescues from the streets and the shelters, were thrown away, banished from

love simply because no one took the time to recognize the beauty and special gifts each animal had to offer. They quickly came to know the affection, compassion, and empathy they truly deserve. In turn, we take these virtues and extend to all people that same outpouring of adoration that the dogs return to us. It brings healing to the heart, mind, and soul. Our skilled and caring trainers and staff all share the same belief that through interaction with our canine helpers we can break through barriers. Each dog is trained and repurposed as they journey from death row to Hollywood to loving homes to hospitals to hospice with a new beginning.

Our mission is to save dogs from euthanasia by giving them a “new leash on life” where they are a viable contribution to the social, emotional, physical, or educational well-being of humans. Through the gentle eyes of dogs, anyone can see and feel the love that only man’s best friend innately delivers.”

More Dream Fetchers Programs:

Project Hollywood offers these celebrity dogs the occasion to spread love to their adoring fans from coast to coast, visiting hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and residential centers. ves. If you’d like info on how to schedule a visit, email them at

Project W.A.G.: Canines Working, Assisting, and Giving. Whether we are working on smiles, or assisting humans with their special needs, we are always giving love and hope to humans. We assist individuals and families in finding their perfect canine match, transitioning their dog from the shelter to a new home, becoming educated on canine behavior and well-being, and training to a task.

Project Outreach: Our Dream Fetchers go out into the community and offer either AAA or AAT to any facility, school, program, or project in need. From laughter and snuggles to goal-orientated outcome, we devise a program and schedule sessions for how the dogs can best contribute to your entity.

Project Rescue: From “trash to treasure,” we see the capacity for a rescue dog to not only give back to humans, but also to be given the love back. Project Rescue collaborates with like-minded animal lovers that are dedicated to being a voice for those who cannot speak, to save them from the neglect, abuse, and hopelessness they are in; to a life of new beginning and promise. Together we will restore their spirit so that their tails can wag once again.

Trails and Tails for Heros: Just like our animals, our beloved Veterans have served us in our greatest times of need. And many of these brave men and women, in this selfless act to protect us, have physically, emotionally, and mentally sacrificed parts of themselves. The Trails & Tails For Heroes program takes our loyal service men and women to spend a day taking in America’s beautiful landscapes. By bringing Veterans and rescue dogs together, we hope to provide them with an outlet of happiness and healing.

Make sure to follow her on Instagram at @dream_fetchers and on Facebook at: Dream Fetchers. Visit their website at to read all about their numerous programs and to support this amazing organization.

The rescue highlighted this week is The Animal Assistance League of Orange County @animalassistance. “AALOC is a non-profit no kill humane society dedicated to aiding lost and homeless pets, helping people with pet related problems, promoting responsible pet-ownership and pet population control, and preventing cruelty to animals through educational programs.” Make sure to give them a follow and check out all their adoptable pets!

To read the complete transcription of this podcast, click the link below!

Just Add Dogs - 022 - Debbie Pearl PART
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