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The one about colorado horse rescue


It’s out! The next episode of Just Add...Horses?

Yes, horses!

“The One About Colorado Horse Rescue” is available to listen in on now!

My heart is in the shape of a dog, but I truly love all animals and believe in promoting the rescuing, rehabilitating and love of all creatures! So when a fellow writing friend @ryspease asked if she could come on and talk about the horse rescue she volunteers for, I gave a resounding YES! Listen in as we chat about the ins and outs of horse rescue, about what made her decide to write a book for kids about rescue, and hear some of the stories that will inspire you to look at all creatures--big and small, wild and tame--with more kindness and empathy!

Follow Elaine Pease on Instagram at @ryspease and on Facebook at Elaine Pease! Also visit

her website at to learn more about her books and to order her book Safe At Last: True Stories of Horse Rescues for all the animal loving and horse loving kids in your life!

And I love the mission of Colorado Horse Rescue, our featured rescue of the week!

“To rescue takes passion. To imagine a better world takes courage. Every day, we choose to keep our eyes, minds and gates open to what’s possible for the betterment of horses everywhere. Because simply said, the status quo is no longer an option.

We are Colorado Horse Rescue, and we believe that it’s up to us — all of us — to create new traditions in the best interest of horses, humans and the partnership we share.”

And make sure to follow Colorado Horse Rescue at @coloradohorserescue to learn more about what their mission, to donate, to sponsor your own horse and to give them some love! Visit their website as well at

To read the full transcription of this podcast, click the link below!

Just Add Dogs - 037 - Colorado Horse Rescue Tanscription
Download PDF • 129KB

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