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The One About Bindi's Bucket List


Grab your furry friend and your coffee, snuggle on the couch and press play.

Or maybe grab that leash and your headphones and . . . press play.

Or else roll those windows down a bit so your furry friend can sniff the air and then . . . press play!

Any way you slice it, just press play on this week's episode of Just Add Dogs Podcast!

“The One About Bindi’s Bucket List” is out!! Check out the conversation @bindisbucketlist

founder Taylor McDonald and @lindsayjeland have about her rescue dogs, deepening the bond with your rescue dog and her work with canine enrichment--basically helping us humans make our dog’s life even better!

You MUST give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook at @bindisbucketlist. Also visit their website at to learn more about them, explore their resources and ideas and even “buy them a coffee.”

The rescue highlighted this week is called Fetch and Releash Dog Rescue @fetch_and_releash located in Toronto. Their mission is to match each dog with the loving forever family they deserve. Make sure to follow them and visit their website at to learn more about them, donate, volunteer, share their posts, and meet all their adoptable dogs!

To read the full transcription of this podcast, click the link below!

Just Add Dogs - 024 - Taylor McDonald
Download MP • 33KB

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