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The One About Animal talks inc


In this important and heartfelt episode, host, Lindsay Eland, speaks with Kaleel Sakakeeny, the founder of Animal Talks Inc as he tells us the story of what led him to start this amazing organization, his thoughts on the sacredness of our relationship with our animals, and all the ways in which you can receive comfort and support as you journey through the twists and turns of your grief. Please take the time to listen in.

Here is more about Animal Talks, Inc

“The mission of Animal Talks is twofold: first, to provide individual help with the pain, grief, and the healing, that comes with the death of a pet, your animal companion. It doesn't matter when it was or how it was, your heart is still broken. Please connect with us through email or phone. Tell us your story... and kindly leave whatever donation you can. The second part of our mission is to serve the community. Animal Talks offers grief management workshops, small group discussions, a monthly pet-loss support group and informal talks. You’ll see us blessing the animals in the fields, on church steps and in the church itself on the Feast of St. Francis Day."

As an ordained Animal Chaplain, and pastor, Reverend Kaleel also works with community

faith-leaders to help make animal rights awareness a part of every church’s vision. Please let us know if you'd like Animal Talks to connect with your community group, church or school. We hope you’ll find the site helpful and informative.

Make sure to follow and support Animal Talks on Instagram and Facebook at @animaltalksinc and visit their website to find support and comfort as well as to donate at .

The rescue we’re highlighting today is @lwhadoptables , the rescue where my sweet little Betty came from! Follow them and visit their website to volunteer, support and see all of their available adoptables!! Maybe your forever friend is there? Rescue. Love. Repeat.

To read the full transcription of this podcast, click the link below!

Download PDF • 117KB

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