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The One about angela adan


In this episode, host Lindsay Eland and @deservingdogs Angela Adan talk about how a simple tag in a Facebook post got her started on her rescue journey, how she keeps going in the midst of her crazy-yet-amazing days with her dogs and the insight and joy that she exudes as a person.

Listen in and hear all about her wild and messy and utterly beautiful life and her great-big heart that she shares with sometimes twelve and sometimes more, special needs and differently-abled dogs.

Angela has devoted her entire life to caring for the underdog. Some of you may know her as

her Instagram handle @deservingdogs, and the mother of Freddie Mercury @ready_freddie_, who was featured on @thedodo and is a special tiny dog that gives people everywhere the permission to just be themselves.

Make sure to follow Angela at @deservingdogs and @ready_freddie_ and support her as she fosters, rehabilitates and helps these amazing souls at . I’m a Patreon and it’s an honor to follow her on her journey. Also look into her CBD products at

One of the rescues that Angela fosters for is Orange Twins Rescue in California. About @orangetwinsrescue!

Their mission, first and foremost, is to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need. Senior animals, strays, neglected, abused, or special needs, they do not discriminate and are proud of their fast-acting, effective, and loving work! They are proud of their commitment to stepping up, and stepping in in times of need. They value a strong connection to their community, and are constantly working to find new avenues of outreach and education.

Please join them on their mission! Donate, share, and get involved by becoming a part of their team!

To learn more about their adoptable dogs and to donate, make sure to follow them at @orangetwinsrescue and visit them at

To read the transcription of this podcast, click the link below!

Just Add Dogs - 021 - Angela Adan
Download PDF • 110KB

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