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The One About Doxie By Proxy


The long and short on this sweet and sassy breed--the dachshund--is out today! 

Many dogs end up in shelters and rescues because people don’t learn enough about what a specific breed needs; they go by looks alone. But some breeds need a lot of exercise, some are the perfect lounge dog, others are stubborn by nature and still others will go with the flow. Listen in as host, Lindsay Eland, talks with Doxie by Proxy founder, Alison Schwartz, all about this amazing little breed that is small on height but big on moxie! 

Doxie By Proxy Rescue, Inc. began in January 2019 out of a passion for both rescue and the

dachshund breed. The rescuers involved with this organization have over 50 years rescue experience collectively — and work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dachshunds and dachshund mixes in North Carolina. They are a foster home based rescue that accepts shelter intakes from North Carolina as well as owner surrenders. When possible, they try to counsel and offer advice to owners considering surrendering their dachshund to our organization as a way of keeping pets in loving homes to prevent coming into rescue.

Make sure to show them kindness by following them on instagram at @doxiebyproxy, on Facebook at Doxie By Proxy, and visit their website to learn how to donate, volunteer, and support this amazing rescue at

Doxie By Proxy is, of course, the rescue featured this week, so make sure that you show them all the follows and love!

Remember, kindness always matters!

To read the complete transcription of this podcast, click the link below!

Just Add Dogs -041-doxie by proxy...
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